More apples

My big sister gave us an apple peeler years ago, and I don’t know how we could handle all these apples without it.

This thing is so handy!!!

You can get it here – Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Apple Peeling Machine with Suction Base . We get money if you use our link!

I had an idea a few years ago, about making apple butter. The basic idea is to cook apples for a very long time, until all the liquid evaporates and you get a thick spreadable “butter.” I thought – what if I juice the apples first, and then make apple butter? Would that work? I’ve been playing around with it for a few years, and the answer is – yes, it does work. So I get roughly 2 quarts of apple juice, and also 6-8 jars of apple butter. Win Win!!

I tried cooking it this time in the crock pot, because it really tried hard to burn on the stove last time I made it. The crock pot did work, and it didn’t burn, but it took much longer. I will try to tweak some things next time, to see if I can figure out the best way to cook this stuff. Anyway, it ended up cooking about 6 hours, and then I canned it at 10:00 pm, which is much later than I want to be in the kitchen doing stuff like this.

But it is a beautiful texture, and tastes delicious, so I guess it’s all good.

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2 thoughts on “More apples

  1. Okay I always thought apple peelers were stupid. I am old school use a knife and I can peel one in NO TIME. THAT contraption ma’am is not just a peeler. It cores, peels AND slices? Hell yeah that is worth its weight in gold! I had your apple butter with sweet potato waffle fries last night and they were amazing. It did make me miss Daddy though. He was your #1 apple butter fan. He said your apple butter tasted better than his father’s that is HIGH praise!


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