A Visit for Bridgette’s Birthday

Bridgette asked us to come for a visit, to get together for her birthday. Sounded like a great idea to us!

I don’t know what was going on in the Apex/Cary/Raleigh area, but all our regular hotels were already full. So we ended up in Cary, in a cute little suite at a Springhill. It was nice, and had a good breakfast, but it was 25 minutes away from her house, which I feel is a bit far.

We, as usual, ate too much. We wanted to go to HMart (Korean Store) for a few things, so we opted to also eat at their food court. Bibimbap is always a good choice.

The Tavern we went to the next day was average. A few things were good, a few things were bland. It wasn’t bad – but there are so many GOOD places, why would we go back?

Pizza for supper, along with lots of snacks, brownies and cookies.

The original plan was to hang out around a fire pit. But since it was cold, and a couple people couldn’t make it, we just crashed at B’s sister’s house, and played cards against humanity.

Anyway, I guess there’s not really that much to say, except that we had some good laughs, some good food, and good company. It felt good to feel almost normal again.

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One thought on “A Visit for Bridgette’s Birthday

  1. This was the very first indoor group event I have been a part of since the pandemic began. There were 7 of us and I felt extremely loved by my dear friends and sister. I will remember my 54th bday fondly.


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