It Will Cut. . . sort of

You know how you get this idea for a craft and you buy the tools, collect all the materials you need, finally find time to try it out and then FAIL? Yup. That happened to me.

I don’t know how many months or maybe years ago, I put on my wish list a HomePro bottle cutter. Someone kindly bought it for me as a gift. I wanted to make some wind chimes, rain chains, vases, etc. and I love drinking wine so it seemed a perfect way to up cycle. Look at this video – see how easy it is? (I love that they have a woman doing it – you know because if SHE can do it.. . ugh)

so easy!

It is a BEAUTIFUL day in North Carolina so I went to my screened in porch, gathered all my equipment, put on the gloves, my goggles, turned on some tunes and I got to work on my new hobby. I had already taken the paper labels off of many bottles, washed and dried them. They had been sitting on my porch forever and a day. To be extra smart I started on the clear bottles. I thought if I was going to experiment I would rather ruin the clear ones instead of my pretty blue, purple or green ones. I did sacrifice one green bottle and right when I thought I had a great score it cracked. Sigh.

After all my effort I was only able to separate the glass on ONE single wine bottle and it was STILL not straight. I tried some beer bottles just to see if thinner bottles worked better. Only one of the two beer bottles separated. I scored lightly, I pushed harder, I did it once like the instructions said, I did it several times like some videos showed to no avail. My cold water was ice cold and my hot water was boiling hot. I tried outside and inside and it all failed.

I tried a few liquor bottles too. Man those bottles are THICK. The cutter barely made a scratch. So yeah, up cycling and recycling is a fun hobby but this tool doesn’t “cut it”. See what I did there? =) Anybody want to buy a slightly used glass bottle cutter? LOL

I’m glad I tried it. I’m holding onto my blue and green bottles though. I plan to make something with them. No glass cutting required although I do have to get my hand on some bicycle wheels with metal spokes. . .

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