Our House – The Hole in the Wall

We’ve had an oil tank behind our house for around 20 years. It fed our monitor heater, and when we replaced that with a heat pump, it just sat there.

Last year, we decided it was (past) time to paint the house. I decided that I should get rid of the tank so it would be easier to paint behind it. I posted it on facebook, someone claimed it, and came and hauled it away. Yay!

But behind that tank, I found this.

A big rotten hole.

Yes. That is a hole in my wall. A very rotten hole. In my wall. God only knows how long it has been there.

Well, the painters came and did a horrible job. They were painting the back of the house at 9:00 pm, by the light of headlamps. No surprise, they missed several large spots.

Gray is the desired color.

So for the last year, I’ve been trying to find a handyman or construction company that would fix my hole. The handymen all said it was too involved. The construction companies – if they bothered to return my calls – all said they were far too busy for my little job.

I finally got one company to send someone out to look at it, and give me an estimate. Since I knew that everybody and his brother is building a house right now, that this company might be my only shot. So I told them to put me on the list, I understand that I might have to wait a while, but that I absolutely wanted them to come fix my house.

And finally, last week, they came. They ripped out the rotten stuff the length of the house, replaced about 3′ of each rotten joist underneath, properly sealed it and put up the siding. They painted the new siding, and much to my surprise and delight, also painted the spots the painter missed. (I had planned on doing it after the construction was complete.)

I think it looks great!!

I still haven’t received the bill yet, but unless it’s drastically higher than my estimate, I’m very pleased with this company, and would absolutely use them again.

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