Do you remember turning 16? I do. I just turned 54 but I remembered looking forward to 16. In my neck of the woods in the mountains of NC 16 meant getting your driver’s license and not being as dependent on your parents for transportation. It also meant my parents did not have to take me to work or pick me up which meant more hours which meant more money to pay off the car that I needed to work.

Things are of course, thankfully, different for my kids. My firstborn turns 16 today. She absolutely has no interest in getting her license. I’m glad about her attitude as the county is a year behind in Driver’s Education. She will probably get her license when she turns 17 which is fine by her. Until then, I will drive her and her sister to school and back as they attend magnet school and there is a bus driver shortage in our county.

I was earning a paycheck when I was 14. By high school I was working 30 hours a week and attending school part time. My girl has never been paid for anything except yard work for us. We had planned for her to work at 15 in a very part time job but COVID put a damper on that. This summer, I am sure she will pick up some work experience. She will work 15- 20 hours at the most.

2021 looks very different than the early 1980s and I am very glad for my kiddo. They will learn how to work, how to drive and how to adult in due time – I’ll make sure of it. For now, I hope she will enjoy what her life is like. I wonder what it will be like when she is 54?

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