I am a Bellydancer

My boss has a good friend, and they have a game they play, where she tries to ask him questions that she thinks he won’t know the answer to. And because he is a know-it-all, he almost always can answer her. But she keeps trying to stump him.

Years ago, she asked him where she could get a belly dance costume altered, thinking there was NO WAY he would know anything about that. But, he immediately told her to just come down to his office one day, and his secretary (me) would do it for her.

And that’s how I met Anne.

I’m on the left, Anne is on the right

She was taking belly dance classes. I had always thought belly dancing was beautiful, and I would love to learn. When she found out, it didn’t take her long to get me signed up for classes. This was about 12 years ago. I danced in that class, and eventually doing public performances, for 5-6 years.

I made some very good friends, and dancing made me feel so good about myself. Anne introduced me to MY GUY, and for that she has my eternal gratitude.

Eventually, the teacher had to quit, due to some family issues. A few of us kept going on our own, but it was really hard without someone to teach us new stuff. We wrote a few choreos, and performed them, but it was hard.

So when another lady started teaching, I quickly signed up. She was an amazing teacher, and really helped me improve my dancing in a different way. We didn’t perform often, but just being able to dance and learn more was sufficient.

Eventually, she had to quit, due to family issues. I thought I would take a short break, but somehow, (mostly nobody teaching in my small town) that break has lasted for 2-3 years. I’ve missed it, but other things have filled in my time. I figured I was done – that I used to be a belly dancer.

A few weeks ago, my original teacher contacted me. She’s starting up her studio again. Do I want to come to dance classes?

I actually had to think about it for a while. My life is full, and I don’t know that I could ever put that much time into costumes and practice, and travel for performances. But I don’t have enough exercise in my life – I’ve become far too sedentary over the last 2 years. Covid has not helped. So I finally decided to go to her beginner class. It’d be good to go over the basics, and just get moving.

Today was my first class. And I remember why I loved it so much. It felt so good, and right, to be dancing. My body is a little sore – but in a good way, from using my muscles, and stretching, and moving.

And I’m already thinking – maybe I could find a little time to perform again?

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