I finally had the opportunity to get some tomatoes OUT of my freezer, instead of putting more stuff in. It was only 2 bags, just the tip of the tomato iceberg. But it felt good to be making something.

Last year my salsa was a little bland, so I tried a different recipe this year. I put in more peppers, used a variety of them, more jalapenos, and was very disappointed to try it and discover it was still bland. At least I had the good sense to taste it before it went in the jars. So I added some herbs and spices and hot sauce, and it improved. I’m not sure it’s ideal yet, but it’s (I hope) better than last year – and we ate all of that.

It’ll take 3-4 weeks for the flavors to truly develop, after that I’ll open a jar and see the results.

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One thought on “Salsa

  1. Last year’s salsa made an excellent Mexican Chicken soup additive so nothing was wasted. I bet this year’s will be yummy. I still have not tasted your kimchi. It’s been a busy two weeks.


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