Banana Bread or Cake?

My neighbor, when I lived in Fuquay-Varina, used to make me banana bread often. OMG it was such delicious goodness. She would make us a loaf and I swear it was gone by the end of the day. It was breakfast then it was a snack and then dessert. She did not make it with nuts so my family was even happier for it. I like it both ways so I always win.

As a thank you, my sweet sister received a loaf of banana nut bread from someone at work recently. It is a heavy, dense loaf. She gave me half and I have to tell you that while delicious that was a totally different experience. My younger kid and husband tried a bit and passed on the rest so I will have to finish it. I’m so “upset” about it. LOL I have not met a banana bread I don’t like.

Apparently it all started with the Great Depression. I personally believe some of the best recipes came from this part of US history. The stock market crashed and every scrap of food became precious so cooks all over the country got really creative. Bananas ripen and rot very quickly. What to do? Lucky for everyone baking powder became readily available. Lucky? Kismet? Who knows – but it was a marriage made in heaven when added to the under appreciated flour. Of course from the 1930 to 2021 the recipe has gone through all sorts of changes and metamorphoses. You had the barebones recipes, the decadent recipes, the healthy alterations. . .but it is one of the more searched bread recipes online. Now, I ask again, why is it not a cake? I found this cool image that explains it better than I do:

So yeah, what I learned is that it is all about texture and sweetness. I don’t care what it is. I like it. It’s delicious especially when warm with a bit of butter on it. I blame JoAnne for that habit. Before her I would have NEVER but butter on something like this. I mean there is enough in there. But no, she had to make me taste it once and now I have to put it on there or it isn’t right. LOL This year I put honey butter on it and it was amazing.

Whether you think it is bread or cake, make some Banana Bread or Banana Nut Bread and share it with people that are terrible at baking. They will thank you for it!

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3 thoughts on “Banana Bread or Cake?

  1. I prefer a denser texture for my breads and cakes! While I like sweet things, I don’t like them overly sweet!! All that being said, I love banana bread, especially when JoAnne makes it!!!

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  2. Yes. Butter is mandatory on muffins and bread. And pancakes and waffles. And just about everything.

    Butter…recommended by Jenkins’ everywhere!


  3. “Whether you think it is bread or cake, make some Banana Bread or Banana Nut Bread and share it with people that are terrible at baking. They will thank you for it!”

    Is this a hint?


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