I Played With Alcohol Inks

I love paper craft and enjoy making cards. My favorite Youtube card maker, Natasha Foote played with some alcohol inks one day and I thought I might want to give it a try. So I put the inks on my birthday list and gave it a go. As Natasha says I went for gold.

I bought some Yupo paper which is not paper at all but a good surface for the inks. Many people use alcohol ink on glass and other thinks. One of my BFFs use alcohol inks with acrylics and molds. I had only messed with Sharpies here and there but was very curious about how you can “move” the ink around and paint.

My first two attempts were pretty gross:

Okay so they were not disastrous but they were not lovely like the many I had seen online. So I put them away for a couple of weeks and focused on what I was good at. Then, yesterday I decided to give it a really really good go with the intentions of using up my Yupo pack. A few turned out really pretty!

I really did use up every scrap of Yupo paper I had. During the process I made a hell of a mess. I had to throw away my table cloth – don’t worry it was very very old – like 20+ years old and it had holes. I recommend wearing gloves while using alcohol inks. I have tie dyed hands now. But I have to say I enjoyed just letting lose for once. I know you are proud of me Jo and Bonnie! =)

As fun as this experience was what I learned was that this ink was really not something I wanted to work with again. If I do, I’ll just use my Sharpies and spray alcohol on it. But I got a lot of neat backgrounds for my cards and my husband even took one of the “pieces” to put in his office.

The great thing is if I decide I don’t love one of the pieces, all I have to do is add more alcohol and move it around or I can even wipe it off. But I plan to leave them as is, cut them into shapes and use them in my paper card making. I will share those results when I get around to it.

I learned it is okay to try new things and also to not continue to do them. I know the inks will not go to waste as Bonnie will use them up in her craft. She is making some really cool objects and I am hoping she will be a guest blogger eventually. Whatever your creative outlet is don’t forget to feed it now and then. It is good for your soul.

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