Horror Movies!

November is nearly over and why am I writing about horror movies? Because I like them year round. Full disclosure I did start writing this post in October and then never got back to it until now.

JoAnne and my sister do not enjoy scary movies. So I turn to my other BFF, Bonnie when I want to watch some. She turned me on to the Annebelle/Conjuring universe and I’m so glad. I like the really scary horror movies, the jump scare ones, the Sci Fi thrillers and even the bad B movies. While I watch them now and then year round, when October rolls around I like to watch as many as I can. Some people go for Pumpkin Spice and I go for horror movies. To each their own.

I grew up reading Stephen King and all sorts of spooky stories. So naturally I gravitated to the scary movie lane. At first they scared me into nightmares and then gradually they were not so scary. Some were so dumb they were funny. I’ve been asked why in the world would I want to be scared on purpose. Turns out there is science behind my hobby. Adrenaline is pumped out of the adrenal glands during a horror movie because the brain thinks that you are in some kind of trouble because of the monster killer that you are watching. After the rush I can have a laugh knowing it is all fake.

There are several categories of horror movies including comedy horror, folk horror, body horror, found footage, holiday horror, psychological horror, science fiction horror, slasher, supernatural horror, Gothic horror, natural horror, zombie horror, and teen horror. On top of all that there is a mash ups of other genres with horror. So there is a never ending catalogue.

I personally do not like the found footage horror or body horror. Some of the slasher stuff is just too much for me now that I have birthed humans. If they are stupid and funny I am all for it like the Halloween series. But Saw and other ones that are just hack and slash turns my stomach. The psychological horror movies and zombie movies are the most fun.

If you have not seen these and like a thrill be sure to watch:

  • The Shining (1980) You have seen the spoofs and the gifs but do yourself a favor and watch the original. Stephen King hated this interpretation but Kubrick really sends chills down your spine.
  • The Exorcist (1973) Oh, goodness this movie made me question if I was possessed or not. Thankfully I was only suffering from night terrors.
  • Halloween (1978) This is a terrible movie but it is the beginning of a genre. Believe it or not, there is only a tiny bit of blood for a 30 second scene. If you like it watch the whole series! https://www.denofgeek.com/movies/halloween-timeline-explained-horror-movies/
  • The Amityville Horror (1979) I can’t say I like the whole film franchise but that first one was my first “haunted” house type film I had really sunk my teeth into. It left me looking over my shoulder and jumping at every sound for a long time.
  • The Conjuring (2013) I found this franchise pretty late in my life. This movie and the sequels are surprising well made and the acting and filming is top notch.
  • The Ring (2002) Extremely creepy – not the best I’ve ever seen. You must watch RINGU – the original Japanese version. I liked it better but most Americans feel distracted by the language barrier and the emotional distance the Japanese tend to have. Both are worth watching for the experience.
  • Hush (2016) This is mostly a slasher film but with a twist. I found this movie just fiddling with my remote on Netflix and I’m very glad I landed on it because it is suspenseful and very intriguing.
  • IT (2017) I.HATE.CLOWNS. I always have. The first clown I ever saw was in the US at a “circus” and the way he looked, smelled and acted gave me nightmares for weeks. I still dislike clowns in traditional makeup. I read IT by Stephen King and it was way scarier than the mini series in the 90s. But the 2017 version – holy crap did they ever capture that clown perfectly.
  • The Quiet Place (2018) I did not care for the sequel but the original was fascinating for me. This is one of those mash ups I was talking about. It’s a bit horror and a lot of sci fi. As someone that grew up learning to be silent in fear of an angry parent it really played into my anxiety. If you make a sound they will GET YOU – it’s nail biting edgy.
  • The Platform (2019) Okay this is a terrible movie. HOWEVER, you have to watch it because it is a very inventive movie. It is so different. They could have done a better job with editing but overall if you like dystopian fiction, you will be fascinated with this film.
  • 2020 and 2021 were not very good years for horror movies. Thanks to the COVID pandemic filming was difficult and it showed. I’m still watching some and most of them have me saying meh. The Quiet Place 2 was one I was really looking forward to but it was a let down. So I still have a month to find the best movie of these two years.

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