I don’t bother growing pumpkins, but I do always like to pick up one or two each year. I get pie/sugar pumpkins, which are smaller. I use them as decorations on our Halloween party food table, and I set them outside on the porch on Halloween, so trick or treaters know we are open for business. (Not that any come, but I keep trying.)

And then, after that, I cook those puppies up and puree them, so I can make Mom and my guy happy for the rest of the year with pumpkin goodies.

The easiest way to cook these, by far, is the instant pot. Just throw it in. No need to cut in half, pierce, poke, or anything. Just throw it in and cook it 15-20 minutes, depending on the size.

It comes out all soft and mushy, with the peeling practically falling off.

Let it cool. Just do it.

Go ahead and peel it, and then rip it open to reveal the seeds. I used some kitchen shears to clip out the seed goo. Don’t worry about getting rid of all the stringiness. It won’t matter. Just cut what is necessary to get rid of the seeds.

Feel free to roast the seeds. I don’t bother, they always end up not being eaten. I threw all my seeds, guts, and peelings outside for the wildlife.

Chunk the pumpkin up into small pieces.

Throw it in a food processor. It’s easiest to start the processor, and then just drop chunks down the chute as you cut them. Let it blend for as long as it takes to look smooth, with no chunks rolling around in there. Could take 5 minutes or more.

I like to bag mine into 8 ounce baggies. A can of pumpkin is 15 ounces, so this is almost exactly half a can. I like to split a lot of recipes in half since there are only 3 of us eating, so this way it’s easy. And if I need a whole can of pumpkin, I just grab 2 bags. I smush out the air, flatten them, and throw them in the freezer.

So this cost me about $2 per pumpkin ($4) and I got the equivalent of 3 cans of pumpkin. Is it worth it? I don’t know. I’m going to buy the pumpkins anyway, as decoration, so this way I get some extra out of it. Plus my Mom and my guy love pumpkin so much, it is handy to have it in the freezer ready to go. But do I save money? Probably not.

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2 thoughts on “Pumpkins

  1. Whether it is financially worth all your effort, it is very much appreciated, especially when the pumpkin is used to make yummy desserts!


  2. While it may not be cheaper, I bet it is much tastier. You should grow your own pumpkins – you could grow them in pots even on your roof! My grandmother grew them on her roof because they took up too much room in her garden. LOL I love reading about how you grow, can and cook for the ones you love.


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