Beach Food

Omg I love seafood. I can eat seafood anywhere of course but eating seafood at the beach feels oh so right. While food is not the focus of our vacations, it is always fun to try new places. Some are a hit and some are not so much. No matter what though – I get to splurge on my favorite kind of food!

Because the girls did not want to go out for every meal I got convenience foods from the local Publix. My husband and I decided to go on a lunch date and it is too bad we chose Bonzer because that was not a good restaurant. When we first arrived we tried Mama Kwan’s and now I wish we ate there again.

Great service and GREAT food! A was pricey but worth it!

After we checked out we got breakfast at what was claimed to be the best breakfast in OBX- Miller’s Seafood. It was good enough although our waitress seemed she had been dipping into the coffee pot too much LOL They were about to close for the season so we barely got in there.

Again, food is not the focal point of vacations for us but it is always nice to find good places to eat on vacation. None of us went hungry that is for sure. =)

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