I don’t care for thanksgiving either.

Follow up to Bridgette’s confession about how she feels about Thanksgiving – I really don’t like it, either.

I worked at Kmart for 12 years. The last two years, I was a manager.

Thanksgiving was hell. Christmas was hell. Dealing with corporate was hell. Dealing with customers was especially hell.

I was always baffled about how the “most loving, wonderful time of the year” “celebration of Jesus birth” could bring out the absolute nastiest meanest side of people.

Seriously, cussing out an employee because they are all out of Holiday Barbie? A Holiday Barbie is more important than being a good person?

And the Christmas music – back then, we got a cassette tape, about 30-45 minutes long, and it played on repeat all day, for a month. Tortuous repetition, especially once I went into management and spent about 12 hours a day there, 7 days a week.

Any way, people’s attitudes really burned the Christmas spirit out of me. It’s been over 20 years since I worked there, but I still feel the wounds. My guy (who really loves Christmas) has tried so hard to bring me some joy. He decorates my house, he only plays Christmas music that I like (I’m partial to a Peanuts Christmas, because I don’t remember any of those being on the Kmart playlist. Also, there was a lovely restaurant that my current boss used to take us to for our Christmas party, and they always had a live pianist playing Vince Guaraldi, so those songs have good memories.) So things are a little better. But I am never going to be a fan of Christmas.

So I dislike Thanksgiving because it opens the gates of Christmas hell. But I also dislike it on it’s own. Of course, it’s history and the way “Americans” have treated the actual real Americans is revolting, and I’m not interested in celebrating that. But even the idea of celebrating family, and being thankful – well, family is challenging. And I prefer to be thankful every day, when something good happens, rather than being mean all year and then pretending to care one day of the year.

And I hate the food. It’s ridiculous to feel like I have to cook 10 different side dishes, to go with turkey, which I’m not a fan of. It’s stressful, and a lot of work, and doesn’t make me feel thankful at all.

I feel like this post has been nothing but me bitching about the holidays, and if I’ve offended or bored you, I apologize. But it’s our blog, and it is my safe place to put out my feelings. If you made it this far, thank you for reading. I’ll try not to complain about this again until next year.

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2 thoughts on “I don’t care for thanksgiving either.

  1. WE have been very honest about this blog being for US so if they are on the ride they will have to take the bitching with the other stuff. LOL I worked with Kmart a lot shorter than Jo and I concur that the commercial side of it is hell. I avoid shopping in stores (other than grocery) in person from late October to January because I can’t stand the PUSH IN YOUR FACE be happy or you are a jerk campaign American advertisers have going on. I’m with Jo – I celebrate my family and friends all year round and I don’t see why we have to try to cram it into a most inconvenient Thursday celebration and then right after that, Christmas. Ugh.


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