I actually enjoy grocery shopping

I know most people consider grocery shopping to be a chore, or an errand – something they have to do so that they will have food later to eat.

But I’ve always enjoyed grocery shopping.

I remember, living with my bestie Tammy or freshman and Sophomore years in college. We would go to school during the day, try to study in between classes, and then go to work in the afternoon/evening. We worked at the Western Steer, so we would usually eat there as well. All hail, the mighty Steerburger!

Any way, around that time our local A&P started staying open later. I don’t think it was 24 hours, but they were open until midnight. And so, after we got off work around 10 or 11 pm became our favorite time to grocery shop.

The store was empty, so we could just wander around and look at stuff. Tammy introduced me to stuff she grew up eating that I had never tried, and vice versa. And we would look at stuff that was out of our price range, or maybe required more kitchen space than we had for its preparation, and we would talk about how someday, we would be able to get that stuff.

And, because I am a frugal person, I enjoyed taking my time and comparing prices, and looking for the option that would give me the best food for the best price. I love to go shopping with sales and coupons and rebates – I consider that to be a game, to see how cheaply I can get what I need.

It’s harder now – I don’t stay up that late any more, and I have so many other demands on my time, that I rarely feel I can just wander around. And my favorite store is always so crowded! But I still love when I have the opportunity to take my time and enjoy my shopping. I love when I have the opportunity to go to a different or unique store, like Trader Joe’s or Aldi, or Costco, or H-Mart. (We have none of those in my town.) I can just wander up and down every aisle, and look at everything to see if it’s something that needs to go home with me.

I think part of the reason I enjoy it is because I rarely have any time to myself – and I am an introvert. I am never alone at home, and I’m never alone at my guy’s house. I’m rarely alone at work. So even though the grocery store is crowded, I feel alone. No one talks to me, no one is telling me what I should be doing.

I’m not sure why I felt like I needed to write about this. But somehow, it seemed important to me.

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7 thoughts on “I actually enjoy grocery shopping

  1. I do not enjoy any sort of shopping and grocery is my least favorite. It is so hard to plan out the meals and buy items that may or may not spoil by the time I get around to cooking. The pandemic sucked the joy out of cooking for me although it was necessary. I can see why people like it though. I try to go when the least amount of people are present and I avoid mean people.


  2. I like to go late at night so there won’t be screaming kids and crying babies. Instant headache! Sometimes I even give the evil eye/dirty look/hiss to the “I want” brats and their moms who obviously can do what I can’t….tune them out!

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    1. I remember I used to have a really good stink eye, it would shut those brats right up.
      I also remember one time tripping a kid that was running around like a lunatic. It worked just like in the cartoons. I felt a little bad, but mostly it was hilarious.


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