Jockey’s Ridge State Park

If you have ever been to the coast of North Carolina you know about Jockey’s Ridge. It is the tallest living sand dune on the Atlantic coast. I bet some of you are thinking – people visit a SAND DUNE? Yes, we do. It is is a premier location for flying kites, hang gliding, sand boarding and if nothing else it is one heck of a view from the ocean to Roanoke Sound. The view is really cool. It is also quite a hike in the sand.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so there are some for you:

During our dating time and our child free years my husband and I frequented this area often. He was big into kite flying and I always love the ocean so it was an affordable outing for us always. We brought our eldest when she was very young and she had no memory and the younger one had never been so they were impressed by the desert like scene we drug them to.

Once we were on top of the dune they thought the view was pretty. It was a little chilly and the museum was being renovated, but it was nice just spending time together in nature. One of them really wanted to roll down the sand and it took all my parental threatening to keep her from doing it. I’ll let you guess which kid that was LOL.

I loved it!

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