The Wright Brothers

Does anyone else cry when they visit a museum or a site where something amazing happened in history? My husband and I do. The first time we went to a museum that we both admired and got misty eyed we knew we were a great match. Flight is so amazing to us and so special. I never stop being amazed by this feat we accomplished as humans.

I have visited the Wright Brothers Memorial and Museum countless of times even before I met my husband. When we were dating we visited a few times and even brought our eldest daughter when she was tiny. So it seemed fitting that on this trip we would visit it as well. The youngest teen was really looking forward to her first visit.

Both daughters enjoyed learning about the history of the Wright Brothers. We loved how the brothers were influenced by their smart mother and sister as well as their male siblings and father. They saw some similarities with our family dynamic – how we openly talk about our dreams, our thoughts and discuss science, math and other academic ideas. And of course all of us love flight and its “magical” and scientific qualities.

We were all very quiet while reading the placards and absorbing the information. Then we got outside to walk the flight path of the Wright Brothers and we got to be a little silly. It was really nice being out in the brisk air and winter sun while smelling the clean salty air.

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