Found Items On The Beach

I love walks on the beach. I love feeling the cool autumn breeze in my hair, the smell of the salty air, the feel of the sand beneath my shoes, the sound of the waves crashing into the surf all blend and soothe my soul as I walk slowly letting all my senses absorb everything around me. Another sense that gets fed is sight.

I love looking on the beach to find what the waves have brought to the shore. Of course there are always the usual shells but sometimes you find treasures in the fall that you don’t often see in the warmer seasons. I don’t know if it is because the waves are harder or if it is just a different season for the marine animals. Either way, I had a great time photographing the treasures I found.

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One thought on “Found Items On The Beach

  1. I once picked up a beautiful shell at the beach and brought it back to where we were staying. It felt a little heavy, but I thought it probably just had some sand in it and I would clean it out later. I went to check on it later and the shell had moved without anyone touching it. I discovered that it was inhabited and had to take it back to where I had picked it up. Now I thoroughly check each shell I pick up to make sure they are empty.


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