Farmer’s Almanac Winter Prediction

My Papaw and Daddy always relied on the Farmer’s Almanac to help predict weather. Make sense since Papaw was a farmer. I would say in my experience the almanac is 70% accurate which is pretty good for any sort of prediction since Mother Nature doesn’t give a f*%# and will do whatever she wants.

Still, it is always good to try to guess what is coming up. This winter? Yup, it’s going to be an extra cold one. I used to like snow until I lived in Boone NC for too many years. I swear it was winter from October until April. Brrrrr. I’m done with that. In the Triangle it is milder and we rarely see snow. If we get some snow it is brief and I like it that way.

We humans have done a mighty fine job of messing up the climate – we are seeing the results of our misuse. I could not believe how much everything healed during the lockdown – goes to prove we CAN make a difference. I hope more people get it and try to do ordinary things that result in extraordinary change.

So here is the prediction from the Farmer’s Almanac:

So according to their website there will be plenty of snow in places that get snow but not as much as skiers would like. LOL What will be notable is the month to month variations. So we shall see what we get here in Holly Springs NC – you know I’ll take photos if we get anything “good”.

Dress warmly if you are one of the ones that are in the colder states. Everyone stay safe out there!

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One thought on “Farmer’s Almanac Winter Prediction

  1. The winters are getting warmer and with less snow, but you never know when something out of the ordinary will happen that nobody can predict. I prepare for anything and am glad when the worst doesn’t happen!


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