Pesco Veg Diet

So I have not eaten meat (other than fish and chicken eggs) for a lot of weeks now and I have to say I do not miss it. My body seems to digest the seafood and eggs better and my gut feels lighter. I’m not saying I will NEVER eat meat again, but it is no longer a prominent part of my diet.

What I have I been eating you ask? Plenty of shrimp, scallops, anchovies, sardines, trout, salmon, haddock, Mahi, tuna, crab, imitation crab and occasionally the veggie/vegan versions of “turkey” “chicken” and “bacon”. I grew up in a culture that made “meat”balls out of fish paste so eating stuff that is made from other things does not bother me a bit. I know vegetarians that are for animal rights would like to do away with the veg food mimicking meat but I quite like them as they taste familiar but I know are mostly peas and such.

Over thanksgiving I had a “turk-y” burger with my Thanksgiving meal. It was tasty. I added gravy and even had some with cranberry. I probably would not get that particular brand again just because the texture was kind of soft for me. At Aldi I picked up a Vegan turkey patty and let me tell you what – it was DELICIOUS. It had a better texture and after searing in a pan I think I like it better than real turkey – it was so flavorful!

I have always eaten a lot of tofu so I like dishes made with tofu already. I have yet to find a good bacon or sausage substitute. I’ve tried tons. The beef substitutes are also not so good to be. Even Beyond Burgers leaves a lot to be desired. I would rather just have a bean burger – they are good in their own right and do not pretend to be like beef. They are tasty! But they have poultry locked down – I have been eating Morning Star Farms fried “chicken” products for years even before my new diet. Even my husband enjoys their nuggets! They have a great flavor and texture!

Since I’m not trying to save my soul I have a lot more choices than people who are chasing their diets for moral or spiritual reasons. It gives me a HUGE range to choose from. We shall see how long this lasts, but I can tell you a bit of weight is dropping off – what a great side effect!

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