Card Crafting Frenzy!

I am not sure why, but I’ve had a writer’s block so I’ve not worked on my book for a couple of weeks. So, I have been putting my energy into making cards. As promised I plan to try to sell some on Ebay but while I was in the making mood, I’m making some gift sets of cards for a few people on my “shopping” list. Hope they like them.

If I’m going to make a BUNCH of cards at once, it is going to be cat themed because – CATS duh! They are adorable and unapologetically assholes sometimes (which is admirable) so they make me smile while I make the cards. Here are some that I made recently:

I told myself that I was NOT making Xmas cards this year. I’ve slowly weaned from sending out cards by writing a “family newsletter” of sorts and sending that instead. I print for the older family members and send the youngers ones a pdf via email. I save money on postage they get a summary about what the year was like for us and we say Happy Holidays in one swoop.

It felt odd to send Samuel’s family the newsletters because I guess they keep up with us fine? So I made the 4 families a cat card each. The cards were similar in that the background was made of the same paper and I used the same cat stamp. However, I colored each cat differently to make each card slightly different.

Isn’t it cute? LOL

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