Xmas Movies

Another thing you can always depend on during the holidays is sappy Xmas movies. Hallmark has been making BANK on these suckers for years. There is always the one about someone trying to get home in time for the holidays, the funny kid gets in trouble but everything turns out okay movie, the sappy love story ones and of course the ones where someone is sick or dying but then a miracle happens (blech – sorry I vomited a little in my mouth).

At my home we have Xmas movies we watch every year too. Usually near Thanksgiving my husband and I watch Christmas Vacation. It is a TERRIBLE movie. I do not recommend it. Yet, every year he and I guffaw as we watch the ridiculousness that plagues pool Griswold. We point and rib each about whose family member is being caricatured in each scene. Chevy Chase does such a hilarious job of bringing to life all the frustrations many Americans feel during the holidays.

Last year we decided the kids were old enough to see it. They were not amused. They requested that they never see it again. Fair enough. Now it will be just for the two of us so that is fine by us. Hey, I like fine wine but I can drink a bottle of $3 wine from Trader Joe’s if it tastes good. LOL So this year we are going to introduce them to our favorite Christmas movie we watch EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Die Hard.

It is TOO a Christmas movie! There is even Christmas music and stupid sleigh bells in the soundtrack!


You know by now I am not a fan of Xmas so why are you shaking your head? First of all, this is a GREAT action flick. Bruce Willis is terrible in it but let’s face it. Real fans watch it to see Hans Gruber played by Alan Rickman – what a fantastic actor he was.

RIP Mr. Rickman – we all miss your genius.

And. . .and. . .there is a happy ending. What more do you want from a holiday movie? For the rest of us there is a lot of shooting, explosions, a little comic relief and for you pervs there is a second or two of naked boobies. See? Fun for the whole family.

My kids are 16 and almost 13 and I think they can handle Die Hard. If not they will only be minimally damaged. LOL

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