Animal Crossing

Thanks to the COVID Pandemic my whole family has played a lot of Animal Crossing by Nintendo. It’s a chill game where you can “go” to islands and build things, buy things, cook things, etc. It is probably a boring game for most but for me it was a fun distraction. Then about 6 months ago the rest of the family got bored and stopped playing as much. Now the island was mine – ALL MINE!

I had so much fun doing whatever I wanted without having to ask the other players their input. There was nothing new added so they all moved on to other games I was not interested in. I built my empire, bought stuff like crazy, discovered something new every once in awhile and had plenty of time to try to catch that one or two elusive fish, ocean critter or insect. I was so content.

Then, after two years of nothing, they decide to produce new content and BAM “MY” island is crowded again as it has caught the attention of my two daughters and husband. Now they are stomping around complaining I have too many flowers, can they move this, wow, what’s this? and buying up all the new goodies. Grrrr. I know I’m selfish but I had come to think of this one game as mine and mine alone. I used to share so readily now Im waiting for them to get bored again so they can play other games and leave me be.

Just as they were getting a little less enamored with the new update, Animal Crossing comes up with a new “break off” game!

Great, just great. . .my escape is now marred as the rest of the family will make vacation resorts. . . wait a minute, maybe they will be busy doing that INSTEAD of being on our home island! Must buy this for the “kids” for Xmas. LOL

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