Decorating The Xmas Tree

Oh the weather outside is. . .weird. Cold one minute, hot the next – who does not believe in climate change? LOL It’s December and the one steadfast rule in our house is nothing Christmas comes out until Dec. 1. The kids are no longer in year round school so that means the first weekend is when the tree gets decorated. I know most households do it after Thanksgiving but not us weirdos!

On the evening of December 3, I had my teens get the tree from the garage and pull down all the decorations from the attic. What? They looked shocked and perplexed. I reminded them that they are now 16 and almost 13 and perfectly capable of doing this. If they want a tree they will do the work. They have been decorating the tree since there were old enough not to eat the ornaments or cut themselves but this was the first time I’ve asked them to bring everything down. Their father has been pulling some late hours so this is the year!

On Friday December 4, they and their father added lights to the tree and then the girls decorated. There was of course bickering and tempers flared which made me ask inside my head, is it worth it? I’m of course on team NO. But in the end no one died and it turned out pretty, I think.

Oh, and I supervised again:

Happy ‘hic’ – holidays! =)

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