I Love Brunch!

Growing up, I ate very little breakfast. I had many miles to walk to my school in Korea and I could not stand the sight of food that early. So I skipped breakfast and was starving by lunch. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I didn’t miss it. I was skinny as a stick and had plenty of energy.

Fast forward to the US and people were OBSESSED with eating 3 meals a day. In Korea we had very small meals and snacked in between but here I was presented with HUGE plates of food for all three meals and snacking was frowned upon in fear it may “spoil” your appetite for the huge meals. Luckily, my parents had to go to work early so I was able to skip breakfast many times. It was easier to skip during school as no one had time to make breakfast, lunches were at school and the huge supper was more than enough calories for a whole day’s meal.

When I became an adult I learned about this great meal called “brunch”. By 10 or 10:30 I was hungry enough for breakfast but eating then would mean lunch was overshadowed. Hence, brunch became a real thing in my life. It was a wonderful meal of breakfast foods eaten ALMOST at lunch time so then I didn’t have to cook again until supper time. Winner winner chicken dinner ya’ll!

As an even older adult I realized the reason many restaurants served brunch on the weekends were so that hungover patrons from the night before who slept in could get some food in them as soon as they woke up. Either way, I have learned to love brunch. Because of the pandemic my restaurant visitations have been very limited. One Sunday mid morning, we invited two friends, whom we had not seen in person in almost a year and a half, over for brunch. They are originally from the east coast – maybe Maine? So I opted for some crab melts for them and for me. For my husband who does not care for seafood I made a bacon, egg and cheese casserole topped with tater tots. I also had some cream filled brioche and fresh fruit. I served Bellinis and it was a good time.

It has been so long since we’ve had anyone over for food. We were all vaccinated and we still distanced and were careful but it was “almost normal”.

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