It’s that time of year when many people are scrambling to find presents for each other. People that do not celebrate a gift giving winter holiday are feeling pretty smug and I can’t blame them. I am jealous though.

I like giving gifts, I really do. I will be at an art festival and I will see the cutest “something” for someone I love and have to get it. It’s not her birthday, anniversary or Xmas. I happen to be able to afford it so I get it, ship it and she loves it and thanks me. Ahhhhhh that is a feeling that can not be bottled. I think that is the way gift giving should always be.

Instead, on Christmas people drive themselves crazy looking for the “perfect present”. Ten lashes with a wet noodle to the person who came up with that phrase. What were they thinking? Yes, there are some gifts that do not match well with the person who is getting it, but who cares? I can’t think of a perfect gift for myself. I love dark chocolate but there are some that are too dark or not so tasty – but if someone got it for me I would not be disappointed. I would just dip it in Nutella. LOL Wait, I thought of something – if someone gave me 15 million dollars that would be a perfect gift. I could then give a million to 5 people I care about and keep 10 million to build my dream house, pool, and plenty of land to keep people away.

My favorite kinds of presents are the ones I was not expecting. A beautiful friend of mine surprised me with a loaf of homemade banana nut bread. I don’t even know if she knew how much I love banana nut bread. Besides that I know she took the time to make it and added a lovely card and then hand delivered it. I was genuinely touched. My daughters squealed, “Yay!” when they saw it. They both know she is an expert baker. =) What makes it even sweeter is that I know she does not expect a gift back. I love giving gifts but it is never fun when you feel like you HAVE to give back a gift when you receive one. Instead, I know I can give her something when the mood hits me or if I run across something that reminds me of her rather than forcing myself to give her something because “it’s Christmas”. She is one of those pure souls that you love being around and it is a gift to have her in my life.

I truly think the best present is to be present when someone talks to you. Really listen and be there for them. Gift them with your time which is precious. Take a walk together, cook together, drink a glass of wine together. All those shiny things lining the shelves are just junk. Write a heartfelt note and say, you pick the time and place, lunch is on me – let’s get together. Let’s be real – we all know that LOVE is always the most perfect present.

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