Why Do We Kiss Under The Mistletoe?

What is mistletoe anyway. Say that word several times. Have you noticed if you say word over and over it starts sounding odd? Missile Toe Missiletoe Missatoe. . .I am easily distracted lately. LOL Mistletoe in simple terms is a plant parasite that makes toxic berries and leaves. So why do we hold this up over our heads and kiss during Xmas?

Like many toxic plants, the mistletoe has also been used for medicine by the Ancient Greeks, Asians, Europeans. . . not saying it actually worked – it just means they tried to use it. I’m pretty sure mistletoe is not going to cure spleen disease but who knows? The mistletoe appears in many folklore but my favorite one is from Norse Mythology.

There was a prophecy that Odin’s son was going to die. Damn those prophecies! And no one wanted to lose a precious son. Everyone throws their virgin daughters in volcanoes, off cliffs or drowns them, but a son? Sorry – I like you guys – nothing personal but you must say in folklore we girls get offed a lot. LOL So Odin’s wife Frigg told all the plants and animals to not hurt her son. Great idea! She forgot about the ever troublesome Loki and he realized that she forgot to talk to the mistletoe – I guess it did not look like it was harmful? So of course he made an arrow and killed him.

But wait, where does the kissing come in? There is ANOTHER more romantic version where they were able to bring the son back to life (groan) by some magical way which meant Frigg, the goddess of love declared the mistletoe a plant of love and told everyone to kiss when they walked beneath it. And now a ton of people do it without even knowing why they do it. I think it is yet another excuse for lecherous people to force others to give them a kiss. Blech.

I have mistletoe growing on one of my trees. Did you know birds are the reason they spread? They eat the seed, then poo on a limb, it germinates and voila – mistletoe parasite! My gut says to cut it off but I have not done it yet. I probably will do it this year. Mistletoe does not always kill its host tree but my tree is already weak so I really should get rid of it. Maybe I’ll kiss the tree while I cut it out and maybe that will make the tree grow better? Oh, now I’m just being facetious. LOL

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