Christmas Carols

Did you know in Roman times even before Christmas existed, people sang while walking around? Yes! It was winter – it was dark and cold. They were probably bored so they drank a lot and then walked around singing and having a party. Then Jesus was born and all the followers said to stop that racket!

In the 19th century, when they had failed to stop the partying, they decided if people were going to sing, then they were going to sing about God, Jesus and Christianity. So they made up a bunch of “carols”. Most people could not read or write so they learned it by singing them over and over in church. Eventually they were written down and passed on. The Victorians are mostly to blame if you want to point fingers. They wrote A LOT of carols.

If some carols sound odd to you – maybe it is because some of them started with words and then music was added later. Do you know “Ding Dong Merrily on High?” The words were written 300 years before the music. The tune for “Good King Wenceslas” was a medieval tune from 1200s and around the 1800s someone put the words to it. I still can’t pronounce Wenceslas without stumbling.

So if you like carols sing on! If you and your friends decide to do some impromptu caroling after a few drinks and people tell you to shut up just remember that you are just following tradition! LOL

You can even use carol singers as an excuse to hit on married women!

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