Teaching Koreans English

Sometimes a person comes into your life and kicks you in the pants and you do things that you have always thought of but never got around to. I have had many of those moments.

JoAnne came into my life in college and said, “Stop cowing to everyone and make YOU happy for once!” She has saved me a lot of heartache and I have learned how to say no to people asking for too much of me.

Bonnie came into my life and said, “Play percussion – you love it. Who cares if you are not perfect?” That was a great run of about 6 years of community band with her as conductor. God I had a great time. When it stopped being fun we both quit and moved on to other things.

Now, Peter – a Korean guy I call “uncle” who is in his 80s said – why are you not tutoring Korean people English and making some money? So now I have a client that is in her 60s I will teach in person and a young girl in South Korea in her 20s who is in college that will be my first Zoom student. Starting tomorrow I will earn money doing what I already know how to do. How about that?

I’m not sure when I became THAT person that needs to be motivated by others before doing something. I used to GO GO GO and maybe I burned myself out. But I am very glad great people have touched my life and made me try things.

Oh, and thank you JoAnne for a great year of blogging – I hope we do it for a long time. It is a great way to be creative. I love you tons!

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Loyal. Funny. Sensitive. Loving.

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