Ice Skating

Every year Raleigh hosts an outdoor skating rink to bring that holiday feeling to the city. Sure, it’s not a real pond like in South Korea, Canada, Vermont or any US state that can keep a frozen body of ice for weeks, but you see what they are going for. I was a speed skater as a kid and love whizzing around in circles for hours and it had nothing to do with Xmas.

In our neck of the woods in NC we have several indoor rinks. Jo’s sister was kind enough to take my oldest daughter to one when she visited once. My kiddo loved it! Since it was not very conveniently located we did not frequent. Instead, she learned to scooter and ride a bike for activity. For many years, though when the outdoor rinks appeared for the holidays we would take her and skate. The younger daughter has seen photos and finally decreed she would like to try it too.

This year, instead of having a rink right next to a busy street, it was stationed at Red Hat Amphitheater in downtown Raleigh. There was a lot more room and we had to pay a spectator fee but I liked it a lot better.

My two daughters were their usual polar opposite selves. I could barely contain the 12 year old and had to tell her to slow down. I had to literally push the 16 year old on the ice as she muttered, “I can’t do this, I don’t want to do this, ahhhhhh”. After two passes around the rink, both were smiling and having a ball. They skated for almost an hour and a half, I sipped on Bailey’s Irish Cream and my husband and I had fun taking photos. Good times.

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