My “Uncle” Peter

Uncle Peter reminds me a lot of my Mother. They were both born in the mid 1940’s and they both had to really work hard to earn their money and status. The difference between them is that Peter is sane and happy. It has been a lot of fun getting to know him. Slowly our friendship has grown and I fondly call him “uncle” now.

Thanks to him I am earning money as an English tutor. He is not happy with that though. LOL He also wants me to help the Korean community by escorting them to immigration, small claims courts, hospitals, etc. Most of them eventually conquer the English language fairly quickly but until they do, they need help navigating our very difficult culture.

It makes me feel good to help my community. Peter insists I should charge for my services because he is the epitome of a business man. He was a soldier, then a cop, and now he is a security officer. On the side, he has taught English and acted as interpreter for many Korean people. He is highly regarded and respected.

While I can not fully interpret for Korean speakers, I can fill the niche of the ones that can speak English well enough to communicate with me but still may need me to speak up for them in traffic court, etc. without using a lawyer. I think Peter is trying to “retire” and needs a protege. LOL I am happy to fill those shoes.

Most of my Korean friends years ago were younger couples who finished their degrees and moved on. I was really missing having them in my life. Peter swooped in and now I feel a deeper connection to him, the Triangle Asian community and even to South Korea. I am so thankful to have met him by almost six years ago when I assisted his friend in a Urology clinic where I was a concierge.

Wish me luck as I continue to branch out and use my talents to bring in some supplemental income! Gonna ride that K Wave! =)

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