First Day Of School

So today is the first day of school in our county for traditional calendar. We have had 50-70 Fahrenheit weather for a couple of weeks which is very out of season for this area. Suddenly it dropped to zero last night and now we awaken to Flash Flood Warnings, heavy winds and a deluge. Oh and we may have a flurry of snow. Ah. North Carolina – as the saying goes if you don’t like the weather here just stay a little while and it will change.

Typically I am a rule follower. My husband has dubbed me “Margaret” early in our marriage. That moniker come with a story. When he was a young warthog he convinced his school to let him be a hall monitor. No, he was not eager to be a rule following student who felt he should be a model for other students. He knew the job came with a trip to Washington DC at the end and he really wanted to go. At first, he was denied and then he appealed and was added on. Margaret, his nemesis, on the other hand was a card holding goody two shoes and she was on the polar opposite belief that everyone should toe the line. So when he thinks I’m being too obedient, compliant or cooperative with the “system” or “powers that be” he will call me Margaret.

At first that irritated the hell out of me. How dare he? I mean, just because he was a rebel that could not see beyond his nose, where does he get off saying that I follow the rules too much? Aren’t rules for the greater good? This was of course a fun tongue in cheek jabbing we did back and forth. We actually agree on most things especially dealing with the safety of our children. Still, we do differ enough that we have to stop and discuss decisions often.

So, here we are in 2022 after a depressing 2019 in our family, a scary 2020 with the beginning of the pandemic and a lockdown, a dumpster fire of a year with 2021 and now, hopeful for a “better” year, I wake up to the sound of an alarm on my phone:

Yeah good times. Normally, being the Margaret, I would say at 7:45 we should take our kid to school. Now, I actually see things differently. I have realized that no one is really looking out for my kid the way we are. I would like to believe they are but they are not. Not because, they don’t care but there are so many political, economical and other factors involved that the individual kid OF COURSE gets forgotten.

So I woke up today with new eyes and thought to myself, what is best for my kiddo? I decided she is staying home until 9am AT LEAST. I want to see if the weather clears up, I want all the frantic people to have gotten off the street. If the system has not closed for the day by then, we will reassess and take her in tardy. I have decided that is what excused tardies are for. I do suspect they will close for the day but as always we won’t find out until the last minute.

See? Tigers CAN change their stripes. Maybe we keep our stripes but they get a little wavier and we look cool as hell? LOL

Tiger that changed its stripes: Scientists solve mystery of Odisha's 'black  tigers' - SCIENCE News

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