We ALMOST Got Another Cat

Yes, you read that right. We’ve been a one cat family for a long time but each of us had a dream about an orange cat or kitten. That made us enjoy telling each other the stories and laughing. Slowly we all started to wonder if it meant we wanted another cat. So we considered it.

Ivan is Amazing. He is a “good” kitty and does not bite or scratch anyone. He did shred our last couch but now that we have microfiber covered seats he leaves them alone. He plays with toys, loves going for walks in a stroller, sits in everyone’s laps, loves to cuddle, is talkative, is not picky about food and as a bonus he is HANDSOME.

So why in the world would we consider another cat? The oldest daughter will be leaving the nest in a few years and I thought maybe we should get a second cat broke in so she can take one with her. We thought Ivan might like a brother to play with. We thought maybe two of us would like cats in our laps at once.

Lots of discussions later we all decided that we did not want to ruin a good thing. We know plenty of people with multiple cats and it works out great. We also know plenty of people that now have fighting cats or cats that will not share litter boxes, spraying cats, etc. because they introduced another cat. Maybe we should count ourselves lucky and enjoy what we have. Someday, sadly, when Ivan ends his lifecycle, I will probably opt for 2 kittens at once so they can grow up together. For now, we are happy just as we are.

Thank you Ivan!

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