Do Animals Know Their Names?

Obviously human animals know their names. Sometimes, when mom would call out my name I would pretend that I could not “hear” her but I KNEW she was calling me. When I call for my cat, Ivan, he comes but is he coming because he knows IVAN is his name or is he just coming out of habit? All cat owners want to build “rap PAW” with their pets (see what I did there? LOL) so they want to believe they can.

There are many researchers who have proven that most dogs can relate to their names. I say most because just like humans there are some that have not fully evolved or may have developmental delays or maybe they are so superior they refuse to come when called. Whatever the reason, it has been accepted by the scientific community that canines CAN learn their names.

There are less scientific evidence about cats, but I think they are finally rolling in. In this Scientific Reports article we learn that some kitty loving scientists delved into the mystery. Where? A cat cafe in Japan of course! Being real scientists of course they also observed other cats but don’t take my fun away. I love the idea of real scientists hanging out in cat cafes. All sorts of fun images are created in my brain. The pandemic has me cooped up inside again and hence, I am enjoying thinking about these things.

I digress once again! Anyhoo – they believe they have evidence that shows cats ARE able to discriminate their own names from other words. I knew it all along but now I have proof. I have been saying for years that my cats know their names. I did my own very non scientific test by calling out, Cat! Cat! or here kitty kitty kitty and nothing. As soon as I said Precious, Queenie, Tyberious, Saki, Sushi or Ivan they would come to me. Only the last three were named by me – the others were previously named.

Granted, when my Papaw called out “hey kitty kitty” all his farm cats came running for scraps. However, I believe they just associated the phrase with food. He did not name them but I did. When I called each cat, they responded differently than when he yelled his phrase. But I was a kid and who is going to listen to some kid? We really should listen to kids more. They have a lot of time on their hands and they are constantly exploring and experimenting. They are our great scientists – I’m looking at you Greta!

So give your cat a name he/she can be proud of. He/she knows it! Apparently cows can learn their names too. I don’t have an article but here is a video of some cows on my friend’s farm who know their names. Daisy is my favorite because she is like me in many ways and is named after my favorite flower.

Subscribe to their channel! They are a sweet US Vet couple. I taught Virginia when she was in high school.

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