I Bought An Egg Poacher

There are so many ways to cook the humble egg. Eggs can be hard boiled, soft boiled, hard scrambled, soft scrambled, fry sunny side up, fry over easy, fry over medium, fry over hard, or made into an omelet or a frittata. Even baked (shirred) eggs are tasty. Basted eggs seem just greasy to me but you can have them that way too. That brings us to poached. I LOVE poached eggs.

In simple terms, a poached egg is basically a boiled egg without its shell. The perfect poached egg, for me, is one that has a solidified egg white with a warm soft yolk in the middle. I have poached eggs by simply dropping them into a pan of soft boiling water. This works but the egg has an ugly shape and sometimes does not cook evenly. I tried poaching them in the microwave in those plastic cookers and was never happy with it. I’ve poached them by pouring into a ring mould in a pot of simmering water and got slightly nicer looking eggs but they tasted very waterlogged. So I finally stopped being cheap and got an egg poaching pan.

Aldi had the pan for only $12.99 and I decided to go for it. When I brought it home my husband said sometimes you just need a specialized tool for certain things. I agree. It took minimal effort and I had delicious poached eggs for breakfast this morning.

They were perfectly shaped!

I forgot to put the lid on it at first so I am sure my second time will be better and faster. I do love a good Eggs Benedict but I will let restaurants make them for me. I realized it was the poached egg that I was really enamored with anyway. So now, I can have perfect poached eggs anytime I want. Yum.

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