Pre registering to vote

Did you know 16 & 17 year old in NC can pre register to vote? I had NO idea until my daughter told me that she learned in her CIVICS class she could and would earn extra points in class for doing it. The side of me that is suspicious wonders what the government is up to. The most innocent thing I can think of is that they will be able to predict how many democrats and republicans will be rising up in the next few years. The more reasonable side of me says, how convenient! She will already be registered and when she turns 18 she will receive notice to go vote. I never pre registered. is this a new thing?

According to my research it is a relatively new idea but has been on and off the table in many states. Because of cost, logistics (that is a big one), identification verification, etc. Some states have opted out or it has gone in and out of favor depending on the political leanings from one side or the other.

These articles will do a far better job of explaining than I will.

Do I think this is a great idea for MY kid? I think so. It is well known that there is very low voting turnout for 18-25ish aged adults. They are already overwhelmed with new adult responsibilities in addition to newfound freedoms and making their way in and out of relationship mazes. Registering to vote is very last on their to do list unless they are a political science major. LOL

My kiddo does not have her license yet, so registering now does not mean it will still be valid 2 years from now. If we move, that changes things as well. Overall, though it seems innocuous. We certainly will be telling our daughters their votes are VERY important. At least the past few years have not taught us the power of the vote.

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