Girl Scout Cookie Widow

Most of you have heard of a football widow, right? That’s when the woman is ignored while her husband is obsessed with football season. He leaves her alone while he watches football on every tv and station in the house. Nobody I love cares that much about any sport ball. Girl Scouts are another story.

As you know, JoAnne is an extremely dedicated Girl Scout leader. She is so devoted to the young women that she supports, she is heads down in cookie business for at least 3 months. Mind you cookie season only lasts 6 – 8 weeks for mere mortals like me, but for her, it takes more time because she is responsible for ALL of it.

As a mom, selling Girl Scout cookies began as a fun, “awww” moment with my girls and quickly became a chore. There is a lot involved in this yearly endeavor! For JoAnne it means she must make sure each girl has registered to sell, pass out forms that look like payroll spreadsheets, keep up with deposits, try to figure out how many cases of cookies she should order so that there is enough inventory without having tons left over. She has to tally up the numbers of boxes each girl has sold, help them if they are short on their goals, be a cheerleader to that shy girl that only sells a few boxes and keep supplies coming for that girl that sells hundreds of boxes.

Girl Scouts is an AMAZING organization and I know JoAnne gets a lot of personal satisfaction with volunteering for girls just like me and her who grew up in a podunk town with no exposure to anything. She is making real changes in these teenagers lives. So I feel so shallow and selfish saying this. . .I am a Girl Scout Cookie Widow.

Have you noticed she has not been blogging? She can’t. She’s busy with GS cookies. Has her emails and texts suddenly gotten slimmer. Yup. She’s busy with GS cookies. We had to cancel our one weekend she was not busy. Do you know when we will schedule? Not until every cookie is accounted for. So yeah, I know how football widows feel.

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