The pandemic is still rolling along and so far my family of 4 has remained COVID free. At the beginning the only people that were getting COVID were people who had to travel a lot or the idiots that were not taking precautions.

After the holidays it seems everyone has COVID. My family in California are positive – but asymptomatic. My father in law caught COVID in Florida and he was sick with moderate symptoms for about a week. Sister in law and nephews have/had COVID again with minor symptoms. They are more like Corona-colds thankfully. More neighbors are letting us know they are positive as well.

The school children and staff are weary and have become a bit lackadaisical with masks. That coupled with a few weeks off at home resulted in A LOT of kids with COVID. I’m eagerly waiting for the 14 days until both my kids boosters are in full effect. I am hoping they will stay healthy.

My husband went for a walk – good for your health right? While on his walk, he conversed with a good friend/neighbor without wearing a mask and forgot to distance 6-10 feet. Now we know that friend has COVID. So, my husband was tested and we are awaiting results. NO symptoms so I feel pretty good about his prognosis. He is isolating himself just to be safe. One person sick at a time is hard enough, we don’t want all 4 of us sick at the same time.

I’m not “afraid” of getting COVID. I think it would be a nuisance. I am a bit nervous about not knowing if my kids have undiagnosed underlying problems that will rear its ugly head once they are infected with COVID. I feel my husband would be hit hard because he tends to get anything the worst when we pass stuff around. I would hate for him to be miserable. So we plod along, wear masks, wash our hands and try not to be on top of each other. Hope all of you are COVID free and healthy!

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