Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain and Rain

It’s winter and many places all over the US are getting some snow. It’s that time of the year after all. However, thanks to climate change, global warming, etc. there are some crazy amounts being dumped in various areas.

Snow is exciting for kids of all ages. At the first sign of the possibility, the other three people in our little family get hopeful. This past weekend, we were due some possible snow. We didn’t get any. Just sleet. This coming weekend we have another chance but sleet is possible again. That got me to thinking, what causes snow, sleet and freezing rain and what is the difference?

Thank you National Weather Service for this handy visual:

My “brother” happened to mention that he saw this great visual and I am so glad he told me about it. It explains what I already knew but always love having a comparitive model to get a clearer picture of what is going on. Yay, Science!

In our part of North Carolina we got mostly sleet and freezing rain. NO fun for the kids to play in and it halted traffic. Luckily thanks to the great work of Dr. Martin Luther King – we spent Monday honoring him and there was no school. By Tuesday the roads were drivable in most parts of our county.

The kids will have another chance at a “SNOW DAY” soon so I hope they fare better. They just want ONE day a winter where they can sled on our pitiful mounds of dirt they call “hills” LOL. I hope they get their wish.

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