Picky Eaters?

I never liked the term picky eater. One of my daughters has a huge range of foods and tastes she accepts and even loves. She can eat bitter chocolates, tea, cilantro, onions, spices, etc. The other? Not so much. But I’ve never called her a picky eater.

To me, the term picky eater alludes to CHOICE. They are picky and they are CHOOSING not to eat certain things. I am sure that happens. I know I like softer bacon over the crispy bacon, I don’t like a lot of salt, I dislike the smell and taste of country ham, etc. After watching my husband and my younger daughter, I realized they had more of a texture preference.

Both of them are very tactile and what goes in their mouth is no different than what they might touch with their fingers. If it’s mushy, they rejected it. With him, he refused cooked oatmeal as a child and even vomited when pushed to eat it. With her, mashed potatoes were absolutely pushed away. Now finally after 12 years she will eat some. She eats them in tiny bites and I think she is after the butter and salt more than the mashed potato. LOL

Some people do not like crisp cooked vegetables. To them, that means they are raw or not cooked enough. Others see it as a better alternative – they have some bite to them and maybe all the nutrition has not been “cooked out”. While it has been somewhat of an inconvenience at the meal preparer of the family, I’ve always tried to respect that these textures caused a gag reflex. Who wants to gag at meal time?

While I did not make a completely different meal for her, I had no problems giving her carrots that were cooked in the microwave for 2 minutes that allowed her to have some crunch and softness at the same time. The rest of us ate them raw. When she was not eating steak, pork chops or grilled chicken, I simply gave her some scrambled eggs that took 2 minutes to make on the side. I tried to accommodate while she dealt with her differences.

Now, I am seeing that she has finally stretched out. She has had steak on occasion, she is fine with grilled chicken in her food instead of fried, she will have toppings on her pizza, she eats raw cucumbers and even enjoys grilled shrimp. Because she was allowed to grow into these things, she is trying more things readily. My husband still rejects many of the things he was pushed to eat as a child.

This is not enough evidence to prove anything but for me, I feel it was the right thing to do for my kiddo. She’s not fat, she’s not malnourished and she has manners when she eats at other people’s homes (you know, PRE-COVID, when we did such things). Win-win, I say.

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