Wolf Moon

Did you know some full moons had names? I didn’t either until a dear friend of mine opened up a bakery and called it Harvest Moon. She had these lovely placards instead of numbers that she would place on tables while the food was being cooked so they could remember what customer got what. I thought it was a great touch.

The only moon I had ever heard of often was the Harvest Moon. My father loved the Farmer’s Almanac and used it and I remember fondly how it would spark wonderful conversations about weather, plants and wildlife. In 2021 the Harvest Moon rose on September 20. As the name suggests, it is tied to harvests and particularly the autumnal equinox. During this time of the year, the moon rises quite early causing a bright moonlight in the evening and Daddy said this gave farmers some more time to gather their crops.

Right now, we are in Wolf Moon’s glow. It rose on January 17. As the name indicates many people thought this was the moon that the wolves toweled at more frequently. This is more fiction than fact. I don’t know why wolves howl but I’m pretty sure it’s not because of one specific moon. LOL Science nerds will love that during this moon you might be able to see Pollux – a star that is part of the Gemini constellation. Cool, right?

Here are the full moons for the rest of the year, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. I wish Daddy was here so we could talk about them again.

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