Now May Be The Best Time To Cruise

I have already stated that I will never cruise again. The three cruises I took were more than enough to satisfy me and to steer me away from future cruises. With Covid, of course cruises have completely changed.

If you do like to cruise, now may be the best time to cruise. Because of CDC guidelines, you will no longer be allowed to board all together. That is a GOOD change. Mass boarding sucks and the lines were terrible and there was a lot of time wasted.

Capacity limits are still in place which means you will no longer be packed like sardines! I always thought cruises were too full even though I went during “off season” times. Now, the can only fill 50-75%. They have full staff on most ships so the crew-to-guest ratio is much more pleasant.

Buffets are no longer self served. I can see a few people in the population hating that. One of the reasons I avoided buffets is because people are gross and I hate sharing food with grubby kids and adults who are not clean. Now, they serve you even in the buffet line. Don’t worry you can still stuff yourself if you want. I personally would still choose to dine where I can be waited on – I’m on vacation after all.

Some things that you might not like include having to wear masks in all indoor spaces even if you are vaccinated. It may not feel like a real vacation if you have to wear masks. I don’t mind but I could understand a lot of people not enjoying that. I know it is harder to “dress up” with a mask too. LOL

First, they changed the rules to include passports for boarding but now many of the ships have added proof of vaccination and/or COVID tests. I am all for that. In fact, while we are at it, can they be tested for ANY communicable disease, please? Goodness knows Norovirus and viral gastroenteritis are still a huge issues on cruise ships.

Because younger children can not be vaccinated yet, it means LESS kids on your cruises! Yes, I love my daughters but it was always a distraction having unruly kids running amok and being where they should not be. This would be a huge plus for adult couples who do not want to pay extra for adults only packages.

The biggest negative for some cruisers will be not being able to do full-shore excursions. I have never really been big on the excursions but now, if the port/country will not allow you entry, there will be no excursions.

So if you like to cruise and you don’t mind the restrictions or if they end up being positives for you, then yeah, now may be the best time to cruise. Don’t go to Cancun though – there are gang wars on the beaches. Yikes!

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