Snow, Again?

Wait a minute. Just wait a gosh darn minute. The weather forecast is showing snowy weather in my county AGAIN. This is unheard of. I live in a place where we get ONE show, dammit. Just ONE snow. The kids play in it and they stop complaining. I know it’s been a couple of dry years but COME ON!

I can hear the people in Erie Pennsylvania and Canada laughing at me. They know what real snow is. But they are prepared for it. They have all their snow plows, salt trucks, people that know better than to drive in it, etc. Here we are stuck at home not so much worrying about the icy roads as we are the jack holes that think 4 wheel drive works on ice.

I stay home to avoid accidents and frustration. I watch a lot of movies, play Animal Crossing New Horizon and hang out with the family. Even the daughters were done with the snow last week after an hour or so. It was enough to attempt sledding and one of them made a tiny little snowcat.

Yeah, we are already over it. You can keep the snow, North!

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One thought on “Snow, Again?

  1. If I don’t see snow for Christmas (and all I want is a little decoration for the trees and grass), I don’t care if I see it at all! I got enough of it as a kid living in Ohio!! We have had 2 good sized snows already this year and more is coming. Yuk!!!


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