How To Find A Boyfriend

Growing up in the 80s I think every teen heartthrob magazine had an article every month titled, “How To Find A Boyfriend/Girlfriend”. As if there was some magical formula or an easy way to achieve this. Of course most of the advice was either generic or something none of us have any control over.

I remember this one friend. . . to keep her identity private I will call her “JoAnne”. We only had a few biological years in difference but she had a world of experience in areas I did not and vice versa. So we were good for each other, I think. . .mostly. LOL

Anyhoo – being good friends we of course lamented to each other about our failures and successes in the world of love and relationships. Being a cute long-haired blonde she had plenty of fun but when it came to serious relationships she seemed to attract the needy ones. None of them seemed to understand what a gem of a woman JoAnne was. It was frustrating to witness.

Later in our years, we realized that other things were important and focused on that. As I settled in to my exciting routine of a life I saw that she was still missing companionship, love and the admiration she deserved from a partner in life.

So like all good friends, even without being asked, I said to her, “Hey, do you think a boyfriend is going to just DROP in your lap?” Her places to frequent were libraries and grocery stores. In hindsight I do see that both places reflected two of her interests – reading and cooking. STILL, you have to get out there – right?

The problem was she had been OUT THERE plenty in the past and there was slim pickings. Relationships are hard whether you are heterosexual or any of the letters in the LGBTQ+… community. I mean how many songs have been written about love? In the words of a great song:

Love bites, love bleeds

It’s bringing me to my knees

Love lives, love dies

It’s no surprise

Love begs, love pleads

It’s what I need

Def Leppard – Hysteria Album 1988

Because she’s smart, she of course ignored me and lived her life as she should. One day another friend (that was another blow to my ego – she had OTHER friends? LOL) noticed she was single. She knew a wonderful man who was being taken advantage of by a woman who did not appreciate him. They were “maybe” dating? Hard to say.

She decided their worlds must meet. She invited them over for food and a game of cards and BAM the pieces of the puzzles finally fit and they have happily been dating for over 10 years. Shows you what I know. He sure as hell “fell into her lap”. I am reminded once again that I know nothing and I’m fine with that.

All that matters to me is that the woman I love found a man that loves her ALMOST as much as I do. He’s great and is a more equal partner than any other “boyfriend” she’s ever had. So, how do you find a boyfriend? Beats the heck out of me. I’m not even sure how I ever found mine. LOL

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