iPhone Mini 13

No, this is not a product review or some sort of advertisement. It is just little old me (or lately FAT old me LOL) talking about something I like. Feel free to skip it but I am totally stoked about this phone and that is not like me usually.

In our relationship, my husband has always offered up the latest gadget and for years I would just say, let me have the free phone you get from your plan and you get whatever you need. He has the high tech job and I really didn’t need anything special just to make calls and whatnot.

Then the iPhones came out and I asked for his “old” one when he upgraded. I fell in love. The iPhone was like having a tiny supercomputer in your hand. It quickly replaced my computer for searching, Internet browsing, texting took over emailing and FaceTime was a wonder.

I was still satisfied with the hand me down phones because once again, I did not have a demanding job that needed the latest tech. The iPhone 6 was my favorite. The size was perfect for me as it fit in my pocket and my short fingers could reach everything on the screen. I kept it in an Otterbox and it lasted for years. When it became sluggish I passed it on to the teens – it was good enough for an emergency phone to carry at school in case something horrible happened like a fire, a shooting or whatever.

By the time I was ready for a new phone it was already an iPhone 11 for me. Wow – the camera was something else. It was too big for my hand but it did come in a variety of soft colors and I chose green – my favorite. While the phone was terrific and still working great for me, I spotted my Korean friend’s iPhone 13. I said to him, “Wait, what is that? Why is your phone small like the 6?” He let me play with it and for the first time ever, I WANTED it. I wanted to newest and greatest and of all the reasons it was for the SIZE – can you believe it? LOL

Okay so I got this phone 6 months after release so for tech heads that is like 20 years later. But for me, this is the latest greatest and I am very satisfied. It is durable, it came in a bright red (which is not my favorite color) – BUT it helps to raise funds and awareness to eliminate HIV/AIDS in eight African countries: Eswatini, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia. I think I can buy a red phone to support such a noble cause.

Other than figuring out where everything is and dealing with the newest version of the operating system, I am very happy with my smaller phone. It fits in all my pockets and in my chubby short fingered hands. I’m trying not to find out how much it cost. I think my husband has finally learned not to tell me lest I change my mind.

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