Traveling Is Hard

Damn you COVID for making visiting friends and family so hard! We have done our part and will continue to do our part to slow the spread of COVID. It will someday be like the flu – ever a part of our lives but not so demanding of our attention. Until then we are left with making decisions that sometimes is difficult.

My family is ready to have a short trip away from our home. So I looked at VRBO – not many places are offering a one night or even a two night stay. The ones that are were not appealing or practical for my family of 4. So I changed plans and looked at places only an hour or two away and since the incidences of COVID are dropping, hotels seemed pretty safe if we stayed masked in public areas. That proved to me a hard no as well as I realized my teens have full grown adult bodies and we would no longer fit comfortable in a single room. For the price of two we could just to a VRBO so I went back to that to find not much available. UGH.

So, now my plans are for a day trip. We will pick a day to drive 2 hours to Wilmington, take a walk on the Riverwalk, dine el fresco, tour a garden, visit a museum with masks on if it is big enough, find a miniature golf place to play on, take another walk on the Riverwalk, have supper outdoors and drive back home to sleep in our own comfy beds. Not what I had in mind initially but now, it sounds just like what we need at the moment. When it warms up, we will do a beach trip and that will work out better anyway.

I hope all of you are doing things to help your mental and emotional health. I know we must all do our part to help with the public health but don’t forget the other aspects of your whole being.

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