My heart is heavy for the people of Ukraine. If you have never lived in a country that has been repeatedly attacked or occupied, sometimes it is hard to have empathy for countries that have. Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were atrocious and the US got a little bit of a view of what it is like for countries that do not have strong allies or a home military power.

Ukraine and Russia are two founding members of the Soviet Union that began around 1922. In the early 1930s many ethnic Ukrainians died during Holodomor. And of course in the 1940s – the Nazis. In 1991 the Soviet Union is terminated and Ukraine and Russia have had a long history of power struggles.

Most recently in 2014, Ukraine protestors overthrew then President Viktor Yanukovych who was too friendly with Russia and their interests. You see what they did there? Unlike the US they were less tolerant of a president that show favoritism to their staunchest enemy. After that, the interim government leaned more toward Western ideas in an attempt to push their economy and country into the modern era.

Russia and Ukraine have had much more conflict, to put it mildly, although I mean no disrespect – just shortening for this blog. In 2015 I believe Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany signed a cease-fire. In 2019 The Ukraine ushered in a new president. Yes, he was a former comedian but hey, the US has had actors in politics. Sometimes they do well and sometimes. . .well, you know.

Around 2021 in the midst of all the political mess the US is dealing with and the global pandemic, “President” Putin of Russia is not happy with the Ukraine’s relations with the US and its allies. He asks NATO to not allow Ukraine to join. After failed diplomatic attempts by European and American governments, Russian forces began an assault on Ukraine. The capital, Kyiv has always been a point of contention and with Ukraine hovering back and forth with Moscow and the US, it came to a boiling point for Russia.

Now, once again, it is the innocent civilians paying the price of political mayhem. While governments wage war against each other, Ukranians are in danger and their lives are upturned. I am so proud of Poland for welcoming Ukranian refugees into their country. Poland knows too well, sadly, what they are going through. There is supposedly full support among NATO countries – Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Independent countries  Japan, South Korea and Australia are all supporting the Ukraine. India is neutral and China is hiding behind diplomacy as their relationship with Russia and the US is strained already.

I feel so useless as I watch and simply hope for the best.

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