One Pitfall Of Face masks

No, I’m not being political – I’m talking about how my mask sometimes tangles up with my earrings. I’ve lost one side of TWO pairs now – thankfully just costume jewelry. I know there are worse things happening in the world but this just happened again and I’m pouting. Okay I’m over it now.

I also have seen a lot of masks become litter. Why are we humans such nasty creatures? You can almost see what is popular by the litter you find near the roads. Is there a new drink? You will see the empties littering pathways and parking lots. Is there a new flavor of potato chip? Yup – empty bags flying across the green areas of the subdivision. Now, because we are using more mask they are also being left on the ground.

If you are old like me you will remember this:

I can still sing this song! LOL

Good ole’ Woodsy Owl taught be not to be a DIRTY BIRD. . .LOL I’m serious. I CAN.NOT.LITTER. I will carry my stupid boogey filled tissue for miles to find a trash can. I’m that indoctrinated. For the better I say.

I’m not sure how other people can litter without a second thought. Maybe they did not watch Woodsy sing to them between every cartoon.

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