Spring Wildflowers

My oldest was frustrated with something so I suggested a walk in our “woods” behind the subdivision. In parts of North Carolina we get a lovely show of early spring wild flowers. I found one than another and next thing you know it I was photographing them. It was wonderful to see the flowers from my childhood were still around. It took me back to my walks with my father who taught me so much about the flora and fauna on the mountain we lived on.

The flowers here were few and far between and it was sad how much of them had been stepped on and biked on. However, like all resilient life, they made their home in nooks and crannies of the banks of the “creek” and near the trees. Like many of us, they survive in the only way they know how. I hope you will enjoy the ones I was able to identify. Have a great weekend.

early buttercup – my dad told me to smell them just to see a smudge of yellow on my nose! (they have no smell LOL)
Another shot of the beautiful trout lily – look at its mottled leaves – a beauty!

Please know I am no botanist and I did not use an identifier – it was just from childhood memory so if you know I have identified something wrong, let me know. I have nothing to prove and no ego about it. LOL. I just love seeing the beauty of nature on my walks.

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