Goodbye Trees

It was a heartbreaking decision, but as homeowners cutting two trees was a way to protect not just our home but the homes adjacent to our property. There is absolutely no way we could afford a catastrophe like that. So, we called a local tree service and was lucky to find a husband and wife team who worked with our budget. Watching their crew work was mesmerizing. It was like a cirque de Soleil act. We chose to keep the wood and haul off the branches ourselves to save over $1500. We have a lot of work ahead but it can be done.

The birds visited the fallen branches and I tried not to get too emotional. We made sure there were no active nests in the trees. We did find an old squirrel’s nest but it was obviously not in use. We have other trees on the property and we even kept one that is a favorite of woodpeckers. There are so many scars from them it looks like the tree has rings on the outside. LOL

Our tree guy said that he gets hate messages on his Facebook account. People call him tree killer and he says it comes with the territory. But what they don’t know is that he is an arborist which means he knows the difference between a healthy tree and an unhealthy one. One of my trees was diseased – we thought it might be a red oak (all the leaves are done) but it was a maple. Almost all the hybrid maples in our subdivision have the same disease. The white oak was healthy (or so we thought at first) but it has shallow roots and it was already leaning toward my neighbor’s house. When they cut off the top, it was obvious just the right wind would have sent that 1/2 of the tree somewhere. The rest WAS healthy but we will harvest the wood and use it for fires.

I am sad see the trees go, but I can sleep better at night now.

Kenny and his crew sizing up the trees.
One tree down – they made short work of that one!
This brave man is about to begin his climb up the 55 ft tree!
He was so spry and quick.
Piece by piece he lassoed each branch and brought them safely to the ground. No fences were harmed.
A friend will come and haul away all the branches and logs for his bonfires in a week or so.

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One thought on “Goodbye Trees

  1. Pruning and even chopping down trees is necessary, especially in populated areas! It is a tough decision and can be costly either way you go. I am glad that you decided to have the trees taken protectively, so you don’t have to worry about what might happen! It is a shame that people can be very judgmental and mean, without realizing what went onto a person’s decision!!


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