The Cards In Your DNA Deck

When we make babies we are not sure what they will be like. Whose eyes and hair color will they get? Will they have all 10 digits? Will their brain be well developed? Who will they look like? Most of us don’t think about what they will be like when they are old because we have so much to think about when they are born.

Of course families with histories of genetically passed diseases think about all of that even before having babies. Normally, though we don’t sit around wondering what DNA will dole out for our children. I did not know anything about my birth father until I was well into my 40s so I knew nothing about the health history from that side. My mother was not forthcoming about her side of the family either. Some of that was because she left her own family at 14, some was that they did not get healthcare like we do here in the US and part of it was her personality and language barrier. Even when I was having a lot of miscarriages, she never volunteered anything about her own fertility issues. It’s hard to talk about.

So like most of us I find out about ailments and diseases when I get them. Luckily, so far I don’t have anything fatal or debilitating. I have an appointment with a Spine specialist because the latest MRI shows degeneration in my spine and now it looks like some of the discs are beginning to bulge. So he will have some treatment options. I am hoping surgery is out of the question for many years but who knows. I have very little cartilage left in my right knee and with the right combo of shots and exercise I was able to avoid joint replacement for another 10-15 years so I am hopeful.

Luckily I am not in constant pain. I have to avoid certain physical tasks but I don’t have anything chronic except a numb finger in my right hand. That’s just annoying – probably a pinched nerve. I can still walk on my own and I am able to do most of my daily chores so that is a plus. I did not think I would be thinking about this stuff in my 50s but I guess that is the hand I was dealt.

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